Larry Hartsel putting the hurt on Sifu Tim circa 1993
Submission Grappling

Submission grappling is not individual style of martial art, but is a generic term refering to forms of combat that focuse on ground fighting. Grappling is a crucial element for every fighter to practice since a majority of fights end up on the ground at some point.


At the JKD Institute submission grapping is predominantly designed used for street with grappling competition secondly.  It focuses on defending the most common grappling arts like Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, American Wrestling, and MMA, on getting an opponent to submit through the use of chokes, holds and locks, and finding dominate positioning for striking.

The JKD Institute submission grappling program finds its roots in a variety of martial arts including judo, traditional Greco-Roman wrestling, Shoot Wrestling, Sambo, and Catch Wrestling. While many school focus on teaching a specific style of submission grappling, the JKD Institute instead studies many styles and incorporates the techinques and training methods that best fit within our core principles.

This general approach allows our system to continue to evolve and change, while maintaining focus on the practicality of the techniques taught. Whether you’re an advanced grappler or someone just starting out, there is something for everyone to learn and we welcome students of all backgrounds.