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IMB Instructors and Coaches Clinic • August 22 - 26, 2016

22109 S. Vermont Avenue, Torrance CA 90502 USA


The IMB, International Martial arts Boxing, Instructors and Coaches Clinic is a week long seminar open to IMB affiliate instructors and senior students.  The Clinic will be hosted by first generation instructor of Lee Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do - Sigung Bustillo.  He will personally teach all 5 hours for 5 days.  Teaching techniques and coaching methods will be emphasized.  IMB Clinic T-shirt and a 25 hour participation certificate will be presented to each participant.  Clinic Fee: $450.00 or $400.00 in advance.  You are invited to the IMB Annual Summer Picnic on August 21st., Sunday  at Hickory Park, 2850 W 232nd Street, Torrance,CA 90505


2016 IMB Clinic Schedule

8/22, Monday: Acquaintance & Jeet Kune Do

8/23, Tuesday: Photo session, Striking arts:  Muay Thai - Boxing 

8/24, Wednesday: Grappling Arts: Wrestling-Jiujitsu-Judo

8/25, Thursday: Weapon Arts: Kali-Eskrima-Arnis & Sparring

8/26, Friday: Self Defense Awareness, Early Dinner & Certification


Great time at the IMB Headquarters!
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