We at the Jeet Kune Do Institute believe that no martial art style is more important than the individual. We allow the students to create their own “style” within Jeet Kune Do that best fits their mental and physical attributes.

The fundamental principles of Jeet Kune Do are: simple, direct, and efficient. These principles define the approach we take to technique selection and training methodology.

We have two specific tracks for instruction at the JKD Institute. The Street Jeet Kune Do , and Jeet Kune Do for mixed martial arts.

We prepare our students for any situation by training in all aspects of combat; punching, kicking, weapons, and grappling.

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This is a progressive performance program were a child will advanced based on a measurable change in their own personal development.
Our class is fun and exciting. We cover all ranges of combat; striking, grappling, and weapons. No memorizing forms or katas we execute all techniques as realistic as possible. We emphasis physical development using tumbling, parkour, fitness, and resistance stiking (hitting stuff).

"The Way of The Intercepting Fist", Developed by Bruce Lee primarily from wing chun gung-fu, western boxing and fencing.

Western boxing helps develop a high degree of offensive and defensive skill. Muay Thai (a form of kickboxing from Thailand) incorporates leg kicks, knee and elbow strikes.

Incorporating the best techniques and training drills from different disciplines, a well rounded base for practical ground fighting.

A filipino martial art emphasizing weapons training. Training in the use of stick, double stick and dagger.

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